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Everyday life and health challenges require new and concrete answers. Not only for you, but also for your loved ones. A new and unique life insurance package is a combination of personal health care and family protection in case of unwanted events.

With small monthly investments, you will provide yourself the appropriate insured sum in case of temporary prevention due to fracture of the bones and rehabilitation, all with the unique possibility of constant communication and advice by a doctor. In addition to personal feeling of protection and security, you will provide your family with peace and tranquility in the case of unwanted life circumstances.

My security provides you:

  • Insurance for temporary prevention due to fracture of the bones (except for fingers and toes)
  • A guaranteed sum for the costs of rehabilitation
  • Insurance against the risk of death
  • Doctor on the phone service – doctor’s advice 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Free physiotherapist examination at the Fizio Center and set of discounts for check ups and therapies in partner institutions (see the list here)
Monthly premium
18-49 years 168 RSD
50-64 years 353 RSD
65-75 years654 RSD
Guaranteed sum in case of temporary prevention due to fracture of the bones 85.000 RSD
Insured sum for rehabilitation costs 15.000 RSD
Insured sum in case of death 100.000 RSD

* Total insured sum in case of broken bone is 100.000 RSD (85.000+15.000) and is paid out as a lump sum to insured based on doctor’s certificate (hand and foot toes are excluded).

Characteristics and benefits

Insurance Characteristics

  • Monthly premium payment
  • The amount of insured sum for bone fracture and rehabilitation of 100,000 RSD
  • The amount of sum insured in case of death is 100,000 RSD
  • Unique package with “Doctor on Phone 24/7”
  • The insurance period is one year
  • The period of contracting for insured persons from the 18th to the end of the 74th year of life

Insurance Benefits

  • Life insurance is available to everyone
  • Advice of doctors and support 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Family safety in case of unwanted living conditions
  • Simple contracting – you only need a valid ID card

Insurance terms
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A fast and simple realization of the entire process of the contract approval carried out at one place.

Choose insurance designed for your exact needs.

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